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Location isn’t Everything

Tavernier Key Front Yard

The last couple of days in the Florida Keys have really got me thinking about where we decide to live. I’ve met and interacted with a number of new people since being here and have come to the conclusion that location isn’t everything.

Back in Arizona, people complain on a regular basis about living there. It’s too hot, they’ve been there forever, there isn’t anything to do, and the lame-ness of locals are just a few of the common complaints. Honestly I never really noticed until my visit to the Keys. I was sitting outside on a lovely Thursday night just ten feet from a flowing canal, wind blowing and the stars shining. I was mid-way through a conversation with a lovely lady, Jessica. We talked briefly about what Arizona is like but I quickly changed the subject to how wondrous Florida is. I was shocked to hear of her strong desire to leave.

This was surprising to me merely because of the magnificence of everything I had experienced in the Keys up to that point. Her reasons for wanting to leave were eerily similar to those of my friends back home. She has lived in the Keys forever and doesn’t think there’s anything fun to do. While I understand a desire to make a big life change and a desire for a new location, I simply hope for good intentions when one does actually decide to relocate.

The reason this really stood out to me is because I’ve felt the exact same way. I have always wanted to leave Arizona for someplace new. Now, however, I realize I shouldn’t just leave because I’ve lived in Arizona forever or because I think there’s nothing to do.

Johnathan Croom · Life—only real when shared.