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2013 and Shit

Wow. It has been a very long time since I’ve written. Obviously a lot has happened in the 1/4 of a year that has passed.

I got my GED, and started college. I have been working selling Kirbys for a short while. I haven’t done any programming.

I guess we can all wonder why I haven’t written. I’m sure there’s many reasons. One might be my minimal computer use (I’m actually writing this post on my phone). Another might be my morbidity. Who knows really. Regardless, that’s three months summed up. Boring, really.

So sure there’s lots of details I left out, but for the most part, the last few months haven’t been great. So I suppose now that I’ve realized that, I kind of want to do something about it.

It’s hard; being depressed. Wow. I don’t even like to say that, but it’s true. Some things snap me out of it temporarily but it always lingers. Don’t get me wrong this is hard to talk about, and now I feel I’m babbling. Back to the point.

Okay the point. Well, I guess I should probably care a little more about school. It’s apparently important. No that’s not a good attitude. It’s important. I should also show up to work this week. Don’t ask about that. I guess those are decent goals for this week.

Well this is disappointing. I don’t even want to post this because it’s so ridiculous and confusing. I’ll post it anyways since it’s the only words I’ve written in three months.

I’ll try and be more interesting next time.

Johnathan Croom · Life—only real when shared.