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5 December 2012


So it’s morning. I woke up at six again thanks for Taylor. Since yesterday’s post was so depressing, I’m going to start today with some action steps on what I plan to accomplish.

  • Begin working at 8am and work more than an hour as usual.
  • Sign up for the GED.
  • Buy the GED book (as embarrassing as that is).
  • Buy a multimeter in an attempt to keep my car alive.

That may not seem like a lot but it is pretty significant considering I leave my house once a week. Just going to go get started and I’ll update around noon.


Alright it’s going to take me a couple minutes to get everything setup so I’m going to start working now. Guess we’ll see how this goes.


Alright so I got a good amount of work done. Since I’m doing really good this morning, I’m going to go ahead and drive off in my blown-up car and go to the store (for the multimeter), CAC (to sign up for the GED), and maybe the book store to get that GED book (which I should probably read). Any day where I do stuff in the morning is a good day. I love mornings.


Alright I’m back. I got a multimeter. I’ve always wanted one so that is nice. Also signed up for the GED test. It’s the 9th and 10th of January at a whopping 8am. Going to go play with my multimeter and then get some more work done.


Wow. I wish I had bought a multimeter one out the other eleven-thousand times I could have used one. Extremely fun. All-in-all I’ve come to the conclusion that my car simply has a 50amp short and it is going to die and blow EFI fuses if it keeps getting driven. On that note, I admit I am still seriously considering just driving it around anyway. Enough fun for now. I just ate some cereal and it’s time to get back to work.

As a side note, I think today’s blog post is kind of funny. It’s like an hourly checkup with what I’m doing. Might just be exactly what I needed to get stuff done today, though. Okay work time.


Still working like a champ! Just wanted to drop in and share a song I’m listening to that is really great. Remember the Name by Fort Minor.


Well work went well. I got a whole lot more done than usual. I’m about to take my car out and enjoy the rest of my day. I really do love getting so much done so early in the day. Talk to you tomorrow!

Written by Johnathan Croom

Johnathan is a simple person. He keeps people motivated in order to motivate himself and spends his spare time being inspirational and quoting himself. He's searching for his purpose in the world and writing about the adventure called Life. He isn't a big believer in careers, but rather making dreams reality.

Johnathan Croom · Life—only real when shared.