Johnathan Croom · Life—only real when shared.

7 December 2012

Living Alone

Every day I look forward to about noon-ish when everybody at my house has left doing their daily things and I’m left at home alone. During these times I enjoy drinking milk straight out of the jug, listening to Johnny Cash or extremely loud 1990s hip-hop, and dancing around like a happy Croomy. I suppose I could do those things with other people around, but I just simply don’t.

Didn’t get around to writing more today. Oh well.

Written by Johnathan Croom

Johnathan is a simple person. He keeps people motivated in order to motivate himself and spends his spare time being inspirational and quoting himself. He's searching for his purpose in the world and writing about the adventure called Life. He isn't a big believer in careers, but rather making dreams reality.

Johnathan Croom · Life—only real when shared.