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Infinite, Day One

Today has been fantastic. In Wallflower terms, today I feel infinite. I truly do. Regardless of the current situation or what I have to do, I feel great. Right now, it doesn’t matter how good or bad things are, I just feel great.

Why? Figuring why I feel like this today is key to replicating it. I think that it’s partly because I’ve been able to really please everyone today. Everything I’ve done has ended up successfully and people have been happy because of my actions. That makes me extremely happy.

So what did I do today? Well, I took my buddies to lunch, looked at fancy cars, and did some shopping. Seriously, that’s all. I’ve been happy through all of it, though.

It feels weird posting something so happy, because every time I write, I seem to be distraught in some way. I guess, normally, I write when I see no other thing to do, but today I wanted to write to remind myself that days are, and will be, good.

Written by Johnathan Croom

Johnathan is a simple person. He keeps people motivated in order to motivate himself and spends his spare time being inspirational and quoting himself. He's searching for his purpose in the world and writing about the adventure called Life. He isn't a big believer in careers, but rather making dreams reality.

Johnathan Croom · Life—only real when shared.